“At Menarchy a woman enters her power, through Menstruation she practices her power, at Menopause she becomes her power”.

Native American saying

Red Path is a creative, cyclical and spiritual path of awakening and authentic self expression for women, through a deep connection with our menstrual cycle, and by offering our blood to the Earth.

Creative because through practice we connect with our authenticity and can express from there on any areas of our life.

Cyclical because we die are re-born every month, like the moon, embodying the physical and psycological changes that the menstrual cycle involves in a new way.

Spiritual because we go through deep initiations. When we go through Menarchy and enter Womanhood. Through pregnancy and when face possible death as we give birth and become Mothers. When we stop bleeding, through Menopause as we initiate into the Wise Woman, the Crone. And every month going through a symbolical death when we bleed, when we give ourselves the time to go into deep states of awareness and vision. It’s natural for us, it’s rooted in our inner wisdom and inner nature, it’s our intimate Sacred Path and the Temple is the womb.

It doesn’t depend on any outer authority or higher being telling us what is right and what is wrong. We don’t need external ceremonies to gather wisdom and vision, we do that every month when we bleed. We know our truth from the depths of our wombs.

We don’t gather our power from a high position at work, having lots of money or through imposing our beliefs upon others. We gather our power when we take time to be with ourselves when we menstruate, when we create the sacred space and the container to support our visions every month and we build or everyday lives from there.

It’s a navigation system.

RedPath About


Touching my warm red blood for the first time, offering it to the Earth as a gift for all I recieved from her, was a deep awakening  and healing experience that lead me to the path I walk today. That was almost 20 years ago and today I invite you to walk your own Red Path, unique, sacred, intimate, full of insight and renewal, full of mystery and connection to inner realms never unveiled before. This path’s destiny is yourself, your power, your dreams, your embodiment, your breath moving the world. Life manifesting in a unique way for the benefit of all.

I fiercly encourage you to offer your menstrual blood to the Earth, not only in your garden or beautiful places but in areas that have been devastated by human greed, poor and contaminated soils, lands where wars and killings have taken place, anywhere where your intention and the fertile properties of your blood can act as catalysts for renewal and the balancing of our ways on Earth for the well being of all. I have offered my blood in many places all over the world, Machu Picchu, Teotihuacan, Tikal, Stonehenge, Tara, Montserrat Mountain, Central Park in New York, etc… and I truly believe that we can create a real change if we all connect with each other and Mother Earth in this way. It belongs to us, it’s free, we don’t depend on anyone to do this, it’s part of our sacredness, our unique energy, it’s our gift of fertility back to the Earth.

Check on the Red Path’s Facebook page for information about gatherings for this purpose.

If you need support to start your Red Path or support in your direction, please contact me.