Circle of Women

Circle of Women
12 Representations of the Eternal Feminine


Installation of a circle of 12 chairs,
upholsted with 12 puvis photographs printed on Hahnemühle canvas.
Awarded the Jury Prize on the 5th Content “Women’s Installations”, Madrid, Spain 2010


Small Circle1 SmallCircle2 SmallCircle3


In Circle women of all ages and throughout the Ages, have gathered to share our lives, dreams, teachings, conflicts and most intimate desires. Creating this way a great matrix, a goblet, container of wisdom, love, sisterhood and complicity, full of healing potential for humanity.

It is obvious that mankind does not enjoy a harmonious equilibrium between its feminine and masculine sides, that therefore become opposites, generating conflicts of all sorts. Abuses, vexations, prohibitions, illness … It is our responsibility as birth-givers and co-creators to lead a radical mutation of consciousness, generating the birth of a new being.

Now is the time to recognize ourselves as bearers of the infinite cycle of life, death and rebirth, of the seed of transformation. So we can all access a true change rooted in Nature, from the Eternal Feminine, without beginning nor end, by means of the Circle that serves as protection and liberation at the same time.

These twelve women, multiplying images of the great matrix, invite us to stop, sit and meditate about our “doing”, about our connection to our inner cycles, crucial, in this contemporary society that pushes us to identify ourselves with an illusion that serves only a few, thus relinquishing all our potential. We are responsible for our sexuality, our conscience and authenticity, for the upbringing of our children as human beings, those who will rule the future of the earth, our home. This way, there is no victim nor executioner, only vision and responsibility for one self.

We can always choose whether we do it from fear or love.