Uterine Minds


Blood offering

I took this photograph after offering my menstrual blood on top of the Sun pyramid in Teotihuacan, Mexico, in 2006. I poured it on the dead center of the square, and the blood made this […]

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Walking her own path

  Today she starts walking a new path, her path. Empowered, awake and alert, she walks her way back home, to her sacred fireplace, to herself. Covered by her own cyclical and wild nature, loaded […]

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Museum of Women of Costa Rica

          Exhibition “Corporeidades Feministas en España”          Curated by Irene Ballester Buiges                                                                         © Myriam Negre You can visit the Exhibition here: http://museodelasmujeres.co.cr/2014/01/artistas-feministas-de-espana/ If you read spanish you […]

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Portrait of a Mother

Here, is my Mother the way she presents herself to the world. Below, my Mother and how I percieve her in mine. When I showed her the result of such a beautiful experiment for both […]

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La Vanguardia Newspaper Publication


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