I was born in Oviedo, green and beautiful north of Spain. Around a year old I was adopted and moved to Barcelona. For this reason I have never felt attached to a particular place or identified with a particular flag. I consider myself a human being invited to experience life on Earth, no bounderies.

My father embedded my soul with the love for photography, and at the age of seven he gave me his Nikon equipment as a gift to my insatiable curiosity and perseverance taking photos.  By that time I knew my life was going to be a compound of still images.  Becoming twelve I went through the challenging experience of cancer, which changed me in a profound way.  Today, I am a member of the Board of Trustees of the Enriqueta Villavecchia Children Oncology Foundation, founded by my father after my leukemia remmission in 1989. An illness is a healing path and can serve others too. I am thankful for that every day.

Throughout my life I have felt  the charge of the waves of my desires, fears, doubts, resistance, separation, death… and I have emerged from the depths of the ocean, renewed. I have studied and expanded my awareness in spiritual practices, natural medicine, home birth, sacred rituals with women and men, circles of women, healing my wounds and supporting others in their own healing.

My life and art have always been an inseparable unity, because I can only authentically express what I experience through the art of living and bringing alive what dwells behind the mysterious doors of creation. I share that in many forms : photography, video, ceramics, writting, painting, teaching …

For me art is sacred in it’s fullest meaning, because it reveals the unseen, as a channel of multiple dimensions of existence. Today, being aware that I am in permanent labour, breastfeeding my dreams, supporting my vision, nurturing what is growing in me, acompanying what has to go … with beauty all around me I walk . Walking now the Red Path has anchored me in my deepest spiritual self awakening and the awakening of women around the world; honouring our blood mysteries, our power, and wisdom in the understanding that spirit and matter (from the latin, mother) are an inseparable unity, in permanent labour. We are all parts of a bigger picture that includes all sentient beings.